Creating a Project

Project Manager

When first running Incari Studio, you will be met with the Project Manager window.

From here you can Open, Run, Edit, Remove and Import projects or create a New Project.


  • Opens the currently selected project.

  • You can also simply double-click the project's thumbnail to open a project.

  • All previous projects will be available to access via the Project Manager so that you can quickly jump back in to your recent projects.

Allows you to edit the Project's Project Name, Project Location and Category.

Completely removes the selected Project from the Project Manager and your local file system.

WARNING: Deleting a project in the Project Manager will also delete all related files and assets from your hard drive.

Allows you to import a previously unopened Project from another location. This is useful for exchanging files between team members and opening templates.

New Project

  • Project name - A relevant title for your project. The name will also be used when creating the project's folder structure.

  • Project location - The location that want to store your project in. By default, this will be the project path defined in Preferences.

  • Category - Here you can choose from one of four categories; Project, Template, Scene or Widget. These help differentiate between full-blown projects and smaller-scale components. The category type is displayed on the project's thumbnail when you first open Incari.

  • Name - This is the identifying name given to the target Screen.

  • Resolution (px) - This defines the pixel resolution of the targeted display.

  • Dimensions (unit) - This defines the dimensions of the screen in 3D units.

  • Name - The name given to the initial scene, when the project is created. This will most likely be your root scene or main menu.