Project Outliner


The Project Outliner contains a structured list of every Scene and Screen in a Project, and can be used to organise, manage, create, delete and edit them.


New Screens and Scenes can be created by either:

  • Right-clicking inside the Project Outliner and selecting New.

  • Selecting File > New from the Menu.

  • Pressing Ctrl +N whilst the Project Outliner is active.

From here you can provide a descriptive name and select whether you wish to create a new Screen or a new Scene.


Screens and Scenes can be deleted by either:

  • Right-clicking an item and selecting Delete.

  • Selecting and item and selecting File>Delete from the Menu.

  • Selecting an item and pressing del.


Screens and Scenes can be renamed by either:

  • Right-clicking an item and selecting Rename.

  • Single-clicking on an already selected item.

You can then type a new name and press /Return to confirm the change.

Disabling Screens

When you Start the Simulation of a Project in INCARI, all Screens will initialise in separate windows. By disabling a Scene in the Project Outliner, you can prevent a Screen from being included in the Simulation.

To disable a Screen, simply click the eye (👁) icon.

Unassigned Scenes

Unless a Scene is assigned to a Screen, it will appear under Unassigned Scenes, and will therefore be excluded from Simulation. When you create a Scene it is unassigned by default, unless a Screen was selected when it was created, in which case, it will be assigned to that Screen.

Rearranging Scenes

Scenes can be rearranged easily by dragging and dropping them to a new place in the Project Outliner. Not only does this make it easier to organise Scenes, but you can also move a them to an entirely different Screen. or disable them entirely, by moving them into Unassigned Scenes.