A Scene is a collection of Incari Objects such as Mesh, Text, Sprite, Point Light, Spot Light, etc. Each Scene can be rendered in 2D and 3D space allowing for 2D and 3D views respectively.

The 3D space is known as the Editor View in Incari and it allows a user to fully see how an Object functions in a Scene. Contrarily, the 2D space mimics the view of Incari's Player and as such it is named the Player View.

A Scene is accessed in Incari through the Project Outliner. It can be added to a Project either by adding it to a Screen or as one of the Unassigned Scenes. The created Scene, doesn't have any Attributes of its own, unlike every other Object in Incari. However, its Size and Resolution are determined by the Attributes of the Screen that it is assigned to.

In order to create an Unassigned Scene, click on the plus icon located at the top of the Project Outliner and click on the Scene button.

Also by right-clicking on a Scene or Screen in the Project Outliner you can create an Unassigned Scene or a child Scene for that particular Screen.